An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 4)

Hadad Laveau thinks he’s in hell.

Dragon agent Renee Hadad Laveau has anger problems—and a new partner sure to make him lose his cool. 

When he’s assigned to investigate reports of fiery rifts on Red Oak Beach, Hadad is certain that training new agent Saffey Williams won’t make the job any easier. The Dragon are hard taskmasters and have no tolerance for failure. He’s learned that himself the hard way. 

But there’s no training manual for this problem. Killing demons, trying to close the rifts, and chasing down a rogue magician leaves Hadad with no room for error—and no patience for a new agent’s mistakes. He can’t afford to let this trail go cold.

In a secret world where everything is true and old gods roam the Earth, Hadad and Saffey must work together to find where the portal magus has opened the door to the hell dimensions and left it open. Failure will mean the end of everything.

Hadad thinks he’s in hell. Turns out he’s about to be right.

INTO THE INFERNO is available for purchase on Amazon in eBook and paperback format.

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Into the Inferno: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World

Into the Inferno: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World