An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 1)

You can’t kill what won’t die.

Wedd Mallory is about to graduate from an elite magickal prep school when a supernatural disaster hits, leaving Innsmouth Academy in a shambles and her former classmates as zombies.

Worse yet, seventeen-year-old Wedd and her best friend Gypcie don’t know that their headmaster has been targeted for retribution by a bloodthirsty wraith who has used the catastrophic events to break through the school’s protective barriers.

Hunting for supplies and dodging a horde of vicious magical familiars every day tests Wedd and Gypcie to the edge of their capabilities. One wrong step or misfired spell could mean disaster. But right now, the school is their only shelter—there’s nowhere else for them to go. And Headmaster Montag’s magical wards are the only thing standing between safety and a total zombie apocalypse.

When the wraith comes for their headmaster, Wedd and Gypcie must learn how to fight for his life and their own. Failure doesn’t just mean they won’t graduate. If Montag falls, so does the school, and with him every hope they have for survival. 

Dark days aren’t coming for Wedd and Gypcie…they’re already here.

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To Sir, with Love: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World

To Sir, with Love: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World