An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 2)

A thousand years ago, knights gathered in the Holy Land, drawn to the purported site of the First Temple, King Solomon’s Temple.

From all over Christendom, men heeded the call for brave, true fighters to protect those pilgrims who could not protect themselves. To defend the values of their way of life. To cast the infidels out.




Blodwedd Mallory is not yet a Templar, but she wants to be.

She wants to fight dragons and knows they can be beaten. She’s heard the stories.

“For England and St. George!”

What Wedd has forgotten is that back in those days, knighthood was granted by the rulers of the kingdoms, by those who wanted land and power for themselves. 

She has already received a higher calling from Gaia to look beyond the mundane into the hidden magical corners of the secret world. To hear the buzzing of the anima and traverse the world tree, Agartha. To rise up and join those like her to protect humanity. To push back the gathering forces of darkness threatening life everywhere. 

Wedd may get what she thinks she wants. She may even have the chance to prove she’s brave and true, fight the war against darkness, and cast enemies from the Temple.

But she has already received a higher calling—from Gaia herself. Wedd just doesn’t know what that means yet.

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