An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 2)

It’s a Templar trial by fire and Wedd is feeling the heat.  

Blodwedd Mallory is chasing her dream to move to London and become a Templar, following in her mother's footsteps. But it doesn't take long before she realizes she hasn't arrived at her destination after all. She can’t shoot a gun or wield a sword, her control over her magick is iffy, and her allies--especially her sexy but strange handler, Sevenoir--are often more like enemies. Her desire to wear the Templar red uniform is thwarted at every turn.   

Wedd feels the pressure to overcome these obstacles, fast. Her visions of a terrifying black substance in the subways of Tokyo may turn out to be true, but no one is talking about it. When her mother disappears, Wedd fears the worst.  

Following her instincts, Wedd ventures below the surface of her London borough to uncover the mysteries of an ancient Roman temple. She'll do whatever is necessary to forge her path--break a few rules, bust through locked doors, or toss Templar tradition out the window. But if she gets called to account, she will lose her chance to initiate into the secret society.   

Gaia needs all hands on deck to push back the tide of darkness threatening to consume the world. Her mother needs to be found and brought home. If Wedd can’t show she is worthy of being a Templar soon, it will be too late for everyone.   

If she's not careful, Wedd may get burned.  

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London Underground: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World

London Underground: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World