About the Series

What is this series about anyway?

The Unofficial Legends of The Secret World is a fiction series about Wedd's adventures as she navigates a strange occult world that has both magic and monsters, really old Gods, secret cabals, and a last-ditch attempt by Gaia to save Herself through the creation of magical Bees - awakened humans who have received a supernatural boost. 

Why is it "unofficial"?

The books are stories set in the Secret World Universe, but are unofficial because they are not game canon (although they do their best to adhere to it). The books ARE licensed, however. The IP is used under license agreement with Funcom Oslo AS.  

How many do you plan to write?

Wedd will continue to tell tales about the Secret World Universe as long as readers are interested in reading them. Current plans include both the continuance of Wedd's Templar storyline as well as the addition of a new storyline from the Dragon point of view. Hopefully, a future book will feature an Illuminati hero or heroine as well. Stay tuned!